Scenarios: 1990-1999

Any scenarios which take place between 1990-1999. Each scenario has trains using the appropiate liveries based on year set, as well as timetables which are either directly from the year or at least prototypical to the era.

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Toothpaste Trip 2N63 15:55 North Woolwich - Richmond

Afternoon Driver, today you'll be driving a single Class 313 on one of the routine services from North Woolwich to Richmond. This service is the 15:55 westbound departure. Please open your doors here and await your departure, you will call at all stations as per the norm. Traffic is flowing normally today so expect a clean journey throughout. Additionally, while you're standing at Woolwich, please ensure you are in Guard Operated mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R. Year: 1991. Last updated 9 Feburary 2020, 19:02 to fix an AI error

Player Train: Class 313
Toothpaste Trip Toothpaste Trip

You will drive an Ex-NSE Class 159 on a service from Bristol to Waterloo, just after privitization. Split into two parts, you will drive the portions between Bristol-Westbury / Woking-Waterloo. Year: 1997.

Player Train: Class 159
1S50 1S50 Victoria to Ramsgate

Tonight you will drive a semi-fast service from Victoria to Ramsgate, although you will drive only as far as Faversham before being relieved. You will call at Bromley South, Longfield, Meopham, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Newington, Sittingbourne, and Teynham along the way. Year: 1997.

Player Train: Class 365