Scenarios: 2000-2009

Any scenarios which take place between 2000-2009. Each scenario has trains using the appropiate liveries based on year set, as well as timetables which are either directly from the year or at least prototypical to the era. Where possible, trains use the real life diagrams, enhancing scenario realism.

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1l18 1L18 Yeovil Junction to Waterloo

Drive a lashup of Sprinters and a Turbostar on a Yeovil Junction to Waterloo fast service. This scenario begins on the move just outside of Woking, so be prepared to take over at speed. Year: 2006.

Player Train: Class 158

6 scenarios set in 2004-2014 which revolve around commuter operations on the ECML.

Player Trains: Class 313 & 365
2M34 2M34 Victoria to Orpington

First things first, please release your doors here at Victoria to let the final passengers on. You shall then head off for Orpington, calling at all stations en route. You're currently delayed by 3 minutes, so try to make up time on your way there. Year: 2009.

Player Train: Class 465/0
1E09 1E09 Edinburgh to Kings Cross

Drive the remainder of 1E09 from Edinburgh. You begin the drive 40 minutes late, held at a signal check at Peterborough. Year: 2005.

Player Train: Class 43 / HST
1A97 1A97 Penzance to Paddington

Good afternoon driver, thank you for coming in - it's been quite crazy today. The driver of 2C85 PLY - PNZ was taken ill earlier, meaning you had to drive it down here, and now due to engineering works near Newbury, your return trip to PAD, 1A97, is diverted via Bristol. You will be driving 43020+177 (with a set of MML coaches) on the full duration of this trip, start to finish. Along the way, you will be calling at St Erth, Camborne, Redruth, Truro, St Austell, Par, Lostwithiel, Bodmin Parkway, Liskeard, Plymouth, Totnes, Newton Abbot, Exeter St Davids, Tiverton Parkway, Taunton, and Reading. Please note, you will have a layover at Bristol Temple Meads (20:07-20:10) to allow 2V93 Weymouth - Bristol to terminate. Year: 2007.

Player Train: Class 43 / HST
1R34 1R34 Glasgow Queen St to Edinburgh

?With the sun up in the sky on a warm summer day in the NatEx ScotRail days, take 170402 on a routine semi-fast service to Edinburgh Waverley. Things would have generally gone well throughout the journey if it all hadn't fallen apart at Bathgate Junction. Set in the Early 2000s.

Player Train: Class 170
1L90 1L90 Swansea to Paddington

On a very nice summer evening, you will take charge of the recently re-engined 43009 on an intercity service to London Paddington, beginning at Swansea. Year: 2005.

Player Train: Class 43 / HST