Scenarios: 2010-2019

Any scenarios which take place between 2010-2019. Each scenario has trains using the appropiate liveries based on year set, as well as timetables which are either directly from the year or at least prototypical to the era. Where possible, trains use the real life diagrams, enhancing scenario realism.

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1l62 1L62 11:03 Arbroath - Edinburgh

Take over a semi-fast service from Arbroath to Edinburgh at Dundee, finishing the journey in a Turbostar. Year: 2019.

Player Trains: 170416
1p12 1P12 06:18 Dover Priory - London Victoria

Drive a pair of Southeastern Class 465/9s on a Saturday morning service to London Victoria. You will take over at Faversham Year: 2010.

Player Trains: 465918 + 465933
1a42 1E21 15:30 Edinburgh - King's Cross

Today you are at the helm of 1E21 with the Mk4 DVT leading (as per the typical), and 91132 on the rear, in this 5-part series down the entirety of the main ECML.

Player Trains: 82202 + 91132
1y48 2L69 17:20 Edinburgh - Cardenden

Good evening, Driver. Tonight, you will be operating a rush hour service on the outer tracks of the Fife Circle on one of the Class 68-diagrammed services. This service is bound for Cardenden, and your departure time out of Waverley is 17:20. Please open your doors here, and await the right of way. You will call at all stations to Cardenden EXCEPT for Edinburgh Gateway. It should be a mostly straightforward run, but it is rush hour after all so you may be stuck in the middle of the peak-time traffic. Good luck!

Player Trains: 68007
1a42 1A42 17:25 Victoria - Brighton

Hi Driver, you'll be driving a full run of a service down to Brighton, despite two of four lines being closed between Balham and Selhurst, meaning all trains, including the stoppers, will be operating on the Fast Line. The Down Fast is also closed between Earlswood and Three Bridges. You will call at Clapham Junction, East Croydon, Gatwick Airport, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, and Hassocks en route. You will be following quite a few trains today due to the unusual routings, although some trains will be looped to let you overtake them. It'll be challenging but we know you can do it. Good luck!

Player Trains: 377142 + 377156
1y48 1Y48 16:05 Mallaig - Glasgow Queen Street

Hi Driver, the sun is out and the afternoon is lovely. The tourists for today are wrapping up their visits here in the West Highlands, and today you have the honours of taking the last direct service to Glasgow out of Mallaig. After your 16:05 departure, you will call at most stations on the line. Good luck!

Player Trains: 156453 + 156457
9p23 9P23 09:30 Waterloo - Portsmouth Harbour

Hi Driver. This morning can be described as any adjective except "good," we have a major TCF at Earlsfield causing severe delays and even diversions in some cases. To add insult to injury, this is all taking place on the return day of our Pigs! Anyways, starting here at Waterloo, you'll be taking these two piggies down to the market at Portsmouth Harbour, calling at Woking, Guildford, Godalming, Haslemere, Petersfield, Havant, Fratton, and Southsea en route. We start 20 minutes and rain is forecast down south so be prepared. Good luck!

Player Trains: 442412 + 442406
cornish Cornish HST Duo Pack

A couple of services which cover HST runs to Penzance, set in 2011 and 2018 respectively.

Player Trains: Class 43/HST
9s77 9S77 13:43 Euston - Glasgow Central

Drive 390148 on a service to Glasgow Central via Birmingham. Conditions today are favourable, with only a few clouds in the sky. Due to cancellations, a Class 390 is being used vice the usual Class 221. EUS-BHM; PRE-CAR; CAR-GLC. Year: 2019.

Player Trains: 390148
2g90 2G90 07:16 Guildford - Waterloo

With the morning rush in action, drive this 456-455-455 set on a Guildford to Waterloo service via Cobham, taking over at Claygate. This is one of the faster services of the day, calling at all stations to Surbiton before running express to London. Year: 2019.

Player Trains: 456024 + 455/9 + 455/9
1f50 1F50 17:25 St Pancras - Ramsgate

Good evening driver, first things first please set up your train here at St Pancras in preparation of your 17:25 departure. Once you have the right away, you will call at Stratford International (17:31), Ebbsfleet International (17:42), Rochester (17:57), Chatham (18:01), Gillingham (18:06), Rainham (18:11), Sittingbourne (18:19), and Faversham (18:32) where you will be relieved. No disruption is out and about thankfully, so expect a relatively smooth journey. Good luck! Year: 2019.

Player Trains: 395021
1v93 Saturday Morning in Wales

This is a pack of 3 scenarios for North Wales Coastal & South Wales Coastal, covering 1V93 (from Bangor to Maesteg) and its inbound ECS on a Saturday morning.

Player Trains: 175115 + 011
LivMan SP Liverpool to Manchester Scenario Pack

This is a pack of 4 scenarios for Joe Burgess's fantastic Liverpool to Manchester Revamped route, available on Steam Workshop. All are set in 2019 All 4 scenarios in this pack are based (at least loosely) on the real life allocations of all DMUs/loco-hauled trains out of Liverpool Lime Street on the days they are set.

Player Trains: 150/1, 156, 158
1k45 1K45 Kidderminster to Marylebone

Drive the Chiltern Railways loco hauled set on a service to Kidderminster.

Player Trains: 68014
1P23 1P23 Norwich to London Liverpool St

Hello driver, first things first, please open the doors here at Norwich to let your last passengers on. Once you have the right away, you will depart at 09:03 calling at Diss (09:21), Stowmarket (09:33), Ipswich (09:45-09:47), Colchester (10:02-10:04), Chelmsford (10:21), and Stratford (10:46, drop-off only) to arrive at Liverpool Street at 10:56. The morning's "Norwich in 90" train (9P91) will be departing Norwich 2 minutes late, so you may be chasing yellows for a bit. There's also a bit of rain although this should clear up by the time you reach London. Other than that, we anticipate no other disruption. Year: 2019.

Player Train: 90005
1Z57 1Z57 Weymouth to Okehampton

Currently, you are held at Honiton to allow a SWR service to London Waterloo to make its stop here. Once it has called at the station, you should be able to depart. You will be calling at Exeter St Davids, Crediton, and Okehampton en route. As per usual, the lines are quiet so you should not experience any disruption. Year: 2019.

Player Train: 43094 + 43188
1Y44 1Y44 Newcastle to Kings Cross

Good evening driver! NL65 seems to have made its way to this usually Mk4 DVT-hauled service tonight, which you'll drive fully from Newcastle to London. You will be calling at Durham, Darlington, Northallerton, York, Doncaster, Newark North Gate, and Peterborough en route to Kings Cross. Currently, you are delayed by 6 minutes, so achieving the timed arrivals/departures at these stations may be a bit difficult; simply drive to the best of your ability. Year: 2019.

Player Train: 43296 + 43061
2C77 2C77 Cardiff Central to Exeter

On 16th May 2019, GWR's 143621 unusually ended up on an Exeter to Cardiff diagram instead of the normal Sprinter or Castle Set. You'll be taking 2C77 to Exeter as far as Bristol Temple Meads, starting at Cardiff. The reactions of the passengers will be priceless when they see this bad boy running this far north! Year: 2019.

This scenario is included with the MJW Class 143 Revamp Pack. Click on the picture to be linked to the download.
Around Cardiff Around Cardiff

Drive 143607 + 143606 on a short jaunt around Cardiff, in the form of 2F66 to Ninian Park and 2T46, its return. The Treherbert services are extended to Ninian Park today instead of turning around at Cardiff due to overhead electrification work. Year: 2019.

This scenario is included with the MJW Class 143 Revamp Pack. Click on the picture to be linked to the download.
2P63 2P63 Peterborough to Kings Cross

Good wintry morning driver! First things first, please release your doors here at Peterborough to allow your final passengers to board. Once done, you'll be taking your 8 car Class 321 down to King's Cross, calling at Huntingdon, St Neots, Sandy, Biggleswade, Arlesey, Hitchin, Stevenage, Knebworth, Welwyn North, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Potters Bar, and Finsbury Park en route. No issues have been reported despite the weather from overnight. Please remember to set the destination properly before heading off. Have a safe trip! Year: 2013.

Player Train: Class 321
9m47 9M47 Edinburgh to Euston

Drive a Class 390 from Edinburgh to Preston on a rainy day. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 390
1h43 1H43 Liverpool to Manchester Airport

Good evening driver today is one of those days where nothing seems to be going well, however you are still in charge of this semi-fast service between Liverpool and Manchester Airport, at the helm of 150274 + 150269. Going as far as Piccadilly, you will call at Liverpool South Parkway, Warrington Central, Birchwood, and Manchester Oxford Road en route. It is rush hour, and combined with various major delays and rain, we can't say this journey will be smooth in the slightest. Good luck! Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 150/2
2g84 2G84 Ipswich to Norwich

Good evening driver. It's a rainy end to the Bank Holiday, and tonight you must drive the last DMU service to Norwich of the night starting here at Ipswich. After a 23:14 departure, you will call at Stowmarket and Diss en route. No disruption other than the rain has been reported, so expect a decent trip overall. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 156
2b72 2B72 Glasgow Central to Lanark

?Drive a pair of Class 320s on a service to Lanark, diverted via the mainline due to engineering works.

Player Train: Class 320
1L90 2W57 Shenfield to Liverpool St

Drive 315819 + 315852 between Shenfield and Liverpool Street on a showery morning. There are delays in the area due to an earlier track circuit failure near Stratford. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 315
9m47 Wherry Lines Short Set Twin Pack

This is a pack of two scenarios for AP's Wherry Lines. This gives you a total of 75 minutes worth of driving in the Class 37 top-and-tailed "short set," set in the present day and using real timetables and formations, as well as the correct locomotive numbers on both runs. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 37
2g84 1P56 Kings Cross to Peterborough

Good evening driver. You are to take 365534 and 365519 on 1P56, the 19:16 out of King's Cross, however due to delays on the ECML (as usual.), this service will be starting off 8 minutes late. Therefore, try to make up time on the trip up north despite the diversions onto the slow lines to allow faster trains to pass. Along the way, you will be calling only at Biggleswade, St Neots, and Huntingdon. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 365
2b72 1Z04 Edinburgh to Norwich

?On a warm summer Saturday, drive 68003 'Astute'/68016 'Fearless' on 1Z04, the return trip of the Scottish Adventure tour to Norwich, as far as Peterborough. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 68
1L90 1Z64 Charing Cross to Hastings

On a wonderful Saturday afternoon, drive the return trip of a railtour with the Hastings Thumper, from Charing Cross to Hastings. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 205
9m47 9A31 Lancaster to Euston

On a wonderful, warm morning in the Midlands, you will be driving this 11-car Class 390 on a peak service starting from Lancaster, going to Euston via Birmingham New Street. Part 1 will take you on the short hop from Lancaster to Preston,whilst part 2 sees you in control from Birmingham New St to Euston. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 390
2g84 2F54 Woking to Watelroo

A hot summer's evening in London, and you will be taking a Class 455+455+456 set on 2F54, the 17:33 departure from Woking to London Waterloo. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 455
2b72 2T62 Strood to Tonbridge

??On a warm summer evening in Kent, drive 375310 on one of the hourly Medway Valley services extended to Tonbridge. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 375
1L90 1F05 Hastings to Victoria

As the sun rises down in the South Coast, drive 377148 on a morning rush hour service to London Victoria, coupling up to 377412, originating from Hastings, at Haywards Heath. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 377
9m47 1D11 Kings Cross to Leeds

On a misty, autumnal morning, you have been tasked with taking 43239 and 43295 on 1D11, a Leeds-bound service diagrammed for an HST. Year: 2013.

Player Train: Class 43 / HST
2g84 1T49 Bedford to Brighton

On a more than wonderful autumn evening, drive Thameslink White 319214 and ExFCC 319384 on the 103 mile venture between Bedford and Brighton during the evening rush. This is a rare occurrence of Class 319's operating the full route between the two stations and is due to a stock shortage. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 319
2b72 2W66 Liverpool St to Shenfield

?On a warm evening in London, take a Class 315 pair on a peak commuter service from Liverpool Street to Shenfield. You will call at all stations EXCEPT for Maryland and Manor Park. With the lines very busy, you must keep your eyes on the adverse signals! Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 315
1L90 2M19 Edinburgh to Milngavie

As the sun rises in Scotland, take charge of 2M19 to Milngavie, ex Edinburgh. You take over at Airdrie and will drive the remainder of the service through Glasgow. Typically run by a pair of Class 334's, we will be seeing a pair of Class 320's operate this one instead due to stock shortages. Year: 2016.

Player Train: Class 320
2b72 1B87 Newark North Gate to Kings Cross

??On a cloudy autumn day, you will be taking a VTEC service from Newark North Gate to Kings Cross, driving from the DVT. Your traction will be provided by a Class 90 on hire from DB Schenker. Year: 2016.

Player Train: Class 90/Mk4 DVT
1L90 1F09 Faversham to St Pancras

Electrification problems on High Speed 1 mean services are unable to run east of Ebbsfleet in the Ashford International-bound direction. Southeastern are running extra Javelins in and out of Faversham as a result, so you'll be taking a 6-car set into London on this otherwise fine evening. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 395
9m47 1U39 Euston to Crewe

On a wintry afternoon, drive a pair of Class 350's on 1U39 14:46 London Euston to Crewe in a 2 part scenario. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 43 / HST
2g84 5I53 Streatham CSD to Victoria

Through busy south London traffic, take a pair of Class 456's on an ECS move to London Victoria, in order to form an outbound service to Epsom. Year: 2011.

Player Train: Class 456
2b72 1V44 Manchester to Tenby

?Drive one of the few direct services from the north into Tenby, relieving another driver at Newport. You will drive as far as Swansea. The weather seems to be unpredictable on this night in South Wales, so drive cautiously. Year: 2019.

Player Train: Class 175
1L90 1F73 Braintree to Liverpool St

As the evening peak dies down, drive a pair of class 321's on the 20:11 departure from Braintree. A few services ahead of you are on and about the line, so exercise caution at all times especially at a time like this. You have 321302, in the newly refurbished Renatus livery, and 321338, still in its blue door variant. Year: 2018.

Player Train: Class 321