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I'm a university student who creates scenarios (and occasionally other types of freeware) for Train Simulator 2020 (Dovetail Games). I've been scenario creating since 2017; on the side, I have multiple years of experience in software development in various languages such as Java, Python, and C++. I've also slowly gotten into 3D modelling, opening up a large array of possibilities for patches and other things.

While I'm an independent creator who is not part of any particular team, I have worked with other content creators on scenario packs or other bits here and there. Feel free to browse around and download what your eyes like. There is something for everyone!

Below you can search my scenario archive (type in train class, headcode, route name, year, etc.; the resulting links when clicked will bring you directly to the download) or you can click on one of the sections of my archive below. All bits of content are provided in .zip format. These scenarios are also hosted on Vulcan Productions on their third party section.

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When producing TS content, I have three goals in mind.


There's almost always a challenge right up the corner in my scenarios, be it red signals, passing loop stops, or adverse weather. Maybe something else if I'm feeling it!


Prototypical traffic levels in every run, from the couple of AI on the Wherry Lines to the plethora of trains at Clapham Junction. Everything follows the real life timetable where possible. On top of that, all trains use the official diagrams or use at least realistic formations.


Besides the challenges you will face, I hope you have fun driving my scenarios - whether it be just relaxing after a long day or looking for a challenge to keep you focused.

A Little FAQ

When is the next scenario out?

When it's ready. I don't release on a regular schedule, although the interval of scenario releases from me tends to be around every 2 weeks to 1 month (in batches of 3).

Do you take scenario requests?

Very rarely. Send me a message on Facebook or elsewhere with your idea, I'll see if I can do it or feel like doing it, as I have personal projects I'd like to focus on and put priority on. There are no guarantees that I will take your idea onboard, should you have any.

What resources do you use to make scenarios?

Realtime Trains (for present-day timetables), ABRail (unit numbers/liveries), and CWN's I have been kindly provided (for train formations), as well as any other information provided by friends.

How long does it take to make a scenario?

Excluding procrastination and idling, about 2-4 hours on average. This can take much longer or shorter depending on route, length of the drive, and more.

Can you upload my scenario on your website?

Currently my website uploads are closed, and I only plan on using it for my own content, pretty much exclusively. If you have a scenario you think is really good though, send it to me through DM and I'll see about hosting it.

Can I beta test?

Only when needed, please don't ask me about testing. Most of my scenarios do not need outside involvement during testing, but when the opportunity comes I will write up about it.

On a side note, Beta testing is NOT a way to get access to my scenarios early. It is something to help its creator ensure that the scenario functions as intended, and to help get it to release quicker. Typically I do not need beta testers unless something bad happens such as broken AI or crashes to desktop.

Can you not use so many requirements in your content?

If you really feel you need to ask this, I'll simply redirect you to RWTools, which will allow you to swap out stock for trains you own as much as you desire.

Any scenario creating tips for beginners?

  • If you're attempting to make a REALISTIC scenario, use all the resources you have on you. Realtime Trains, CWN's, ABRail, everything. Put your 100% effort into the scenario and try to not to slack off when creating, e.g. match EVERY unit number if not already done for you. If you want to create a FICTIONAL scenario, well there's not much help I can give you but make sure it achieves its purpose.
  • Make sure you have a good amount of stock to render the scenario realistic. This is where money comes in. For example, try your best to use appropriate rolling stock where possible, e.g. if you don't own the AP Class 450 Enhancement Pack but need to place a Class 450-operated service, any other Class 450 you own will suffice. If you don't own ANY Class 450, don't bother making the scenario. Or, if something you own resembles it closely enough, such as a Class 444, use that. (That's my tip, at least.)
  • Share your content on somewhere where lots of people can see it. Since the TS community isn't exactly huge, this tends to be quite easy due to the fact that the upload rate for scenarios isn't as frequent. I started on Steam Workshop, then UK Train Sim, then Alan Thomson Sim, then Vulcan Productions.
  • See if a well-known streamer or YouTuber can play your content if it's good enough. This usually gives you quite a bit of recognition for your content if they're kind enough to link your scenario somewhere.
  • A little luck along the way won't hurt.