Cynx's Workshop

My home of Train Simulator 2020 content, from Scenarios to Scenery.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I'm a person who, as per above, creates content for Dovetail Games's Train Simulator 2020. I create three types of content (mainly) as of current...

Scenarios - In short, these are runs from A to B with instructions in between, such as picking up passengers and coupling operations. My scenarios, made for real-world British routes, follow the real timetables. Mostly, you will see timetables from the current time (2018-2020), although in more recent times I have acquired resources, such as timetables and diagrams, for years past, such as the 1990s and 2000s, meaning I can do these scenarios more realistically (and I believe I have done so!). I've even made a 1980 scenario pack for the Railways of Devon & Cornwall. The aim of my scenarios is to give you a realistic experience of a driver's journey on various routes from the East Coast Mainline to smaller routes like the Wherry Lines. As a result, you can expect these scenarios to use a high number of both payware and freeware requirements.

Patches - These are modifications to existing locomotives to Train Simulator to add on features to them, mostly visual. I've made two of these, the Class 170 Patch which adds in some missing variants and a few child objects to add to the realism. I've also made the bigger Class 37 Headlights Patch (in collaboration with Major Wales Design) which encompasses the WIPAC and Split Headcode Box headlight variants of the AP Class 37 Vol. 1, allowing for a wider array of operations to be done a bit more realistically. Some other patches may come soon, who knows?

Scenery - While I haven't done much of this, I am one of the creators of the TS2020 Speed Sign Pack, 4 Aspect Simulations being the other. Now released in the Misc section of the website for free.

Want updates on my content? Feel free to follow my Facebook page! Announcements for shortly upcoming items and releases are regularly posted here.

Got any feedback? Contact me! Whether it's a bug you found, something unrealistic or whatever else, I am open to constructive critcism.

There are also third-party items available on this site, currently produced by JamesWestTrains, JohnW, and YR Scenarios.
Note, third party submissions are not open to the public at this time. Further updates if any, will be made when they come.


1990-1999 Scenarios 1990-1999 Scenarios 1990-1999 Scenarios
1990-1999 Scenarios 1990-1999 Scenarios 1990-1999 Scenarios

When producing Train Simulator content, I have three goals in mind.

Engagement: There's almost always a challenge right up the corner in my scenarios, be it red signals, passing loop stops, or adverse weather. Maybe something else if I'm feeling it!

Realism: Prototypical traffic levels in every run, from the couple of AI on the Wherry Lines to the plethora of trains at Clapham Junction. Everything follows the real life timetable where possible. On top of that, all trains use the official diagrams or use at least realistic formations.

Enjoyment: Besides the challenges you will face, I hope you have fun driving my scenarios - whether it be just relaxing after a long day or looking for a challenge to keep you focused.