YR Scenarios

I'm just an average young guy who likes to create scenarios and make YouTube videos. I do a variety of both fictional and timetabled UK-based scenarios. In these I ensure to add a good amount of AI, and a wide range of different events to really enhance your scenario experience. I tend to base most of my scenarios within London, but I am trying to make more scenarios for other areas of the UK, where I can of course.

1t73 (3rd party)

Class 375/377 Weathering Patch

This patch adds weathering to the fronts of the Electrostars to give them a more realistic look. In addition the gangway edges have also been given a bit of a retexture. These textures are custom made and differ for all of the liveries.


1b88 (3rd party)

1B88 16:06 King's Cross - Newark North Gate

This is a two-part scenario, of which you will be driving a HST service on a full length run from London to Newark North Gate. The first part takes place on the London to Peterborough route and the second takes place on the Peterborough to York route.

Featured in this scenario are a mix of HSTs with both MTU and Valenta engines as this scenario takes place during the time the Valenta engines were being phased out.


1p20 (3rd party)

1P20 07:14 Portsmouth Harbour - Waterloo (2004)

You will drive 442406 + 442420 on the 07:14 service to London Waterloo from Portsmouth Harbour during the early morning rush hour.


1p48 (3rd party)

1P48 16:47 King's Cross - Peterborough (2016)

Afternoon driver. Today you will be forming the 1P48 16:47 service to Peterborough, calling at Finsbury Park, Stevenage, Hitchin, Arlesey, Biggleswade, Sandy, St Neots, Huntingdon, and Peterborough. Please set up the train and allow passengers to board. As of yet no delays are expected.


2f39 (3rd party)

2F39 17:15 London Bridge - Victoria (2004)

On a pleasant evening, you will drive a pair of Class 456s on a service to London Victoria from London Bridge via Crystal Palace. It is pretty busy on the line however so beware of the signals.


2g45 (3rd party)

2G45 16:03 Waterloo - Guildford (2018)

You will taking a 10 car train formed of a Class 456 and two Class 455s down to Guildford via Surbiton, forming 2G45, however you will only go as far as Claygate.


2o70 (3rd party)

2O70 16:46 Manchester Oxford Rd - Liverpool Lime St (2018)

In this scenario, you will be in control of a Class 156/150 combo on a service to Liverpool Lime Street via Warrington Central. However, there are various delays sparking across the line, so chances of you arriving at stations on time are slim.


2p68 (3rd party)

2P68 19:40 Haslemere - Waterloo (2018)

In this scenario, you will drive 450010 + 450079 on the 19:40 service to London Waterloo from Haslemere. Featuring in this scenario are guard announcements voiced by 317Dan!


2v16 (3rd party)

2V16 17:00 Moorgate - Welwyn Garden City (2019)

Drive a pair of Class 313s on a full length run from Moorgate to Welwyn Garden City during the evening rush hour.


2w23 (3rd party)

2W23 07:10 Shenfield - Liverpool St (2019)

At first you will take your train out from the sidings forming 5W23 into Shenfield Station, then you will switch ends and prepare to form 2W23 to London Liverpool Street.

Due to overrunning engineering works causing disruption at Liverpool Street, you will get held at some points during your journey.


3q51 (3rd party)

3Q51 15:43 Waterloo - Portsmouth Harbour (2019)

This scenario is part of the Network Inspection series, a series of scenarios where you drive various Network Rail consists along many different routes!

This scenario is jam packed with AI and enjoyment. You will drive a Class 37 set on a special Network Rail run from London to Portsmouth non-stop. As you are in full control of the train, clag factor 10 is essential!


bdf-tbd (3rd party)

Bedford to Three Bridges

One of my older scenarios which has been reworked and improved for a better driving experience. Drive a Class 319 starting just before Loughborough Junction on to Three Bridges. Newly featuring passenger announcements!


465sp (3rd party)

Class 465 Scenario Pack

Need more Class 465 scenarios? Well you’ve come to the right place! Packed in this download are 4 engaging scenarios for the Class 465 Enhancement Pack Volume 1, all set during the late 90s and the ‘Noughties’. Also, with the 2nd Volume of the Enhancement Pack coming soon, there shall be more scenarios added to this pack in the near future.


district rover (3rd party)

The District Rover

On a fairly nice evening peak, you will drive a D Stock running a District Line service from Richmond to High Street Kensington, and then from High Street Kensington to Wimbledon.


gatex haul (3rd party)

Gatwick Express Haul

442410 and 442417 have broke down at Gatwick Airport. You are required to drive 73202 hauling the two Class 442 units down to Stewarts Lane via Clapham Junction where engineers will see to the trains.


thameslink diverts (3rd party)

Thameslink Diversions

Due to engineering works on the Thameslink Core, some FCC trains have been diverted to London Victoria. You are to drive a Class 319 forming 1T47 to Brighton from Victoria.


network fighterjet (3rd party)

The Network Fighterjet

Part of the Network Inspection series. Drive a Class 68 hauling Network Rail carriages down the East Coast Mainline South, non-stop into Hornsey Depot.