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By downloading my content, you agree to the terms listed below, and the DTG End User License Agreement. Please note this applies only to content on my main site, and not third parties, who have their own T&Cs set.

You are permitted to edit the scenarios I have made, such as by swapping stock in RWTools, for personal use only.

You may not redistribute my content on other websites without prior authorization from me.

Additionally, you may not use ANY of my content in payware scenarios/other packs without my permission. This includes content behind a direct paywall, a paid subscription, or freeware which indirectly results in commercial gain. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS WILL BE MADE.
You are fine with using content in FREEWARE content that does not result in commercial gain, as per the other listed terms.

You may use my content on social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook posts, etc. however, I do request that you attribute my content somewhere on the post.

I take every effort to ensure that my content not only works, but is safe. If any of my content damages your system, I will not accept liability for it.